Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pet Head Review

I received 3 full bottles of dog shampoo the ones I got were Quickie, Feeling Flaky, and Fears for Tears and a couple sample packs of Life's An Itch & So Spoiled from Pet Head to review. I loved how they came so fast in the mail and the cute little bones on top of the bottles are adorable plus makes it easy to prevent from using our shampoos and stuff because the bones clarify its doggie shampoo. I love the smells there so sweet smelling and they even tell you the smells they are in the little book that came with it. My favorite was the Fears for Tears it smells like green apple and kiwi. These shampoos lather so well on the dogs and I love how the smell stays in there fur after you give them a bath in them. My mom used the Feeling Flaky on her little dog that has such sensitive skin and she doesn't scratch no where near as bad as before since using this shampoo, granted I think it will probably take several times to get rid of her itchiness but ma also used the Life's an Itch on her the day after and it seemed to ease what the other did not. These are great shampoos and our dogs seem to love them as well. My dog Lulu seems to like to smell the shampoos before I use them on her ha ha guess the smells are appealing to some dogs like mine as well as my own nose. I think we have finally found great shampoos for our dogs and I have always hated most dog shampoos we bought never had a great smell to them so we always had a hard time washing our dogs with them because they all smelled so medicated with Pet Head shampoos that's long gone yet still helps with sensitive skins, and itchy and dry, and I love the fears for tears cause now there is no worries of it gettin in there eyes by accident either. If your lookin for great shampoos for your dogs look no further.

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I received nothing but the dog shampoos for this review no other payment. This is my opinion and may not be agreed on by others.

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