Sunday, October 17, 2010

One Purrfect Place Review

I received two kitty houses one was the 1 Purrfect Palace and the Birdie Ranch from One Purrfect Place to review. I was so happy to try these out because I had seen them around recently but my cats are so picky I really wasn't sure they would ever use them. So we got these in the mail pretty fast and as soon as I got it I decided to put them together on the kitchen floor, Libby watchin intently the whole time. I got a couple walls up and then Libby thought she wanted to go ahead and get in it ha ha couldn't wait I guess. Anyways we finished puttin it up and she went runnin into it and we had to coax her to even come out she liked it so much. We put it on top of our 24 packs of soda cause she likes to be off the floor she was so happy about that we even set it up for her to have like a porch and all on the drinks its such a cute setup. The first day she stayed in that house and only came out to use the litter box and eat and drink water. She loves her house so much you try to knock on it to see if she's home she will pop you that gives me the sign she loves it and is very protective over it. I love where it has a area to write there name on it as well, it was easy too put together, and it even comes with its on deed how cute is that... We put the other one up for my other cat Gage he got the birdie ranch it took no time at all to get that one up but when we put him in it he wasn't as happy as Libby was so we left him alone with it but later on he came around cause Joe called him one day to eat and he come runnin out of his house so we now know he likes it just the same just didn't want others to know I guess. These houses are made pretty sturdy as well which I love too these are great definitely get your cats some of these from One Purrfect Place.

Birdie Ranch - $14.95

1 Purrfect Palace - $14.95

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I received nothing but the 2 kitty houses for this review no other payment. This is my opinion and may not be agreed on by others.

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