Saturday, October 2, 2010

New Changes on My Blog

Hey I just wanted to let everyone know about the new change on my blog... I;m really hoping this works out fine, I don't know how many people know that blogger seems to have a limit amount of room for pics and I have almost exceeded that yeah I know right real great huh... Well because of this I made a photobucket account to share my pics from the reviews still with you, now as of now only the adult products will be uploaded through blogger since I can't put them on photobucket. I'm not sure if these pics show up in reader so please someone let me know. As far as I also need others to tell me if ya'll don't see the pics they seem to show up fine on my side because I have my albums locked on photobucket and I do have it pass worded but seems to be able to see it just no one can go to my album and look through it, if you have any difficulties seeing the pics on my blog please let me know.

I hate that I have to do it this way but I can't afford to pay for extra room on blogger just to upload pics I really hope this works out ok.... here's hoping!!

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EmmysBoosAndRawrs said...

I wouldn't recommend using photobucket. Photo bucket has 'bandwidth' which means they limit how many times an image can be seen. I have no idea what the number is, but I know that it's pretty low because thats why you see the 'photobucket, bandwidth exceeded' buttons all over pages.

and if you have 100 images on your photobucket and only 1 has exceeded the number of views, they wont let ANY of your photos show up until the end of the month when bandwidth resets.

Instead, you can sign up for a free imageshack account and they will give you the URL so that you can put them on your blog withot having to upload thru blogger. that's what i did when i had bloger

Danyale N. said...

oh my goodness I'm glad you told me that so the stuff so far just in the last couple posts should be safe right or should i move them too? Again thanks so much its crazy that there is a limit