Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We Love Colors Review

I received the Solid Color Plus Sized Tights from We Love Colors to review. They came in this small package very fast shipping I might add but it was so small and I was thinking plus size huh but then it dawned on me panty hose in the store comes this way to. Anyways I tried these on the minute I got them and I hate to say sadly I'm one of the few short wasited people out there that just can't fit these right. Its not the company or the tights its me I have always been short waisted which makes it harder to find clothes. These did fit me to a normal spot for a regular waisted person though so if your plus size then this would fit as long as your not short waisted. I let my mom try these on and they fit her perfectly granted she is not short waisted. I love how they look there very nice and sleek and go well under any outfit whether it be shorts a dress or whatever. There thicker than panty hose by far and don't run as easy from what I have seen. The only downfall I see is that it doesn't fit anyone but someone who is average height in plus size thats not short waisted and that the color I asked for was a grey and when I got them they looked more like a slate blue. All in all I give 2 thumbs up to We Love Colors they have alot of nice styles and colors for just about anyone to find what they love.

Solid Color Plus Sized Tights - $9.00

I received nothing but the tights for this review no other payment. This is my opinion and may not be agreed on by others.

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