Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Village Tea Company Mobile Teapot Review

I received the Mobile teapot and a lemon ginger green tea from Village Tea Company to review. Ya'll may remember I worked with them awhile back and my mom still loves her tea from them just as much. Thanks to this company from the beginning is the reason my mom tried herbal teas like green tea and some of the others, which is way more healthier and she needs it anyways. She had a teapot for the house but she is on the go alot when she goes down and spends time and sees if she can help out the landlord during the weekends so this mobile teapot really came in handy. Ma said its so simple to use just put your tea in the bottom part add water let it sit while she gets ready feeds the animals and all that good stuff so by the time she leaves its perfect so she takes it with her and through out the day instead of drinking sugary sodas, or black or orange tea which is loaded with caffeine and all she pulls out her organic tea in the mobile teapot pours herself a glass and it sifts right through so no tea leaves in her glass. This was a great idea my mom said because she remembers when you had to fish your tea leaves out of your tea just to drink it where with this you get the great flavor with no leaves or mess to cleanup. My mom said the tea she received was ok but she liked some of the other teas she still has from before from this company better, and plans to buy more in the future when she needs it from Village Tea Company, I definitely recommend this company.

Mobile Tea Pot - $21.99

Gentle Organic Lemon Ginger Green Tea - $15.95

Other Ways To Keep Up With Whats Goin On At Village Tea Company:

I received the mobile tea pot and green tea shown above and no other payment. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed on by others.

Now look forward to mobile tea pot and green tea to be given away in one of the prize packs at Blogmania September 15th & 16th 2010 "Save The Date"

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