Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Enjoying Tea Review

I received the Porcelain Carp Fish Teapot from Enjoying Tea to review. I got this for my mom because she has been wanting a tea pot as far back as I can remember. She grew up with one almost like this tea pot she got to try out. It came at the right time cause she has been nauseated due to a new medication they put her on so she took some tea she had around the house green tea at that and made some hot tea made up in her a new tea pot. She said it was nice to make tea in this tea pot cause it was more convenient and she could make enough and not just be one cup so she kept it by her bedside the whole day drinking and pouring a cup here and there. She said the tea pot keeps the tea nice and hot for her never got cold in the time she used it yet thanks to this wonderful little tea pot she got rid of her nausea without having to run to the kitchen constantly to pour another glass of tea. It is very well crafted you can tell that, and its not real heavy but not too light either just a great mixture in between. She loves that if she makes up tea and doesn't drink all of it she can place this in the fridge as well and the quality isn't changed any. She absolutely uses this pot every day now and actually drinks more organic teas because of having this tea pot. I'm so glad that Enjoying Tea gave this to us to review. The only downfall I saw was I think the carp that was supposed to be on my moms teapot swam away because we got a plain tea pot.

Porcelain Carp Fish Teapot - $10.98

I received the Porcelain Carp Fish Teapot shown above and no other payment. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed on by others.

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