Thursday, August 5, 2010

Out Of Print Review

I received the 1984 T-shirt from Out of Print to review. My mom is a avid book reader and loves everything to do with books so she was tickled to death when she saw this site and all the shirts they offered dealing with books she knew. She was happy when she saw this shirt one because she knew of the book that was printed on the shirt and two because it was red her favorite color. She said the sizes were perfect and fit really well. Was very comfortable and yet not too hot like some t-shirt materials she loves this shirt. She has got several comments on it and plus it always gives her a reason to talk books to someone who just may not know about the book which tickles her to death. She is a major book a holic and I think this company is really great for book lovers everywhere so you can not only show off your love of books but a love for certain books that you have read. My mom loves putting this shirt with just about anything from jeans to slacks and it looks nice either way. They have some nice shirts in men and in women's although she chose a mans shirt over womens because she has always found them to be a little more loose fit which is more comfortable to her especially since she is a very active person. Out of Print is great and reasonable on prices as well and didn't take me long to receive the shirt. I totally recommend them to the book lovers of the world.

1984 Men's T-shirt - $28.00

Purchase of this shirt sends one book to a community in need

I received the 1984 T-shirt shown above and no other payment. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed on by others.

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