Monday, August 16, 2010

Invent Help Comfort Cushions Review

I received the Comfort Cushion Confy Cushion solid from Invent Help to review. My husband really wanted me to review this item due to the fact that her bruised is tail bone awhile back and it hasn't been the same when he sits long periods or drives in the truck alot is tail bone starts hurtin real bad and he can barely sit. Anyways he carried this cushion just about every where with him from the moment we got it in the mail, he will take it and put in his truck or on the couch under him or even in the computer chair. It balances out weight due to the water inside of it, just think of a water bed for your butt my husband says lol. I have tried it out myself and although is quite heavy and that's due to the water its pretty comfortable indeed. It is cold just as soon as you sit on it which gives you a cooling sensation throughout your body so if your hot not anymore. As for heating it up my husband tried this and he said it relieves in pain whatsoever which it says it can be therapeutic by heating anyways. So this is definitely a cushion to have around your home, in your vehicle or at work especially if you have a fracture, or bruised tailbone and would even be good for the elderly. Now you do have to watch with it bein so heavy its so easy to slide off whatever seat you have it when you get up, and beware of pets near it because it is filled with water you don't want any puncture marks I have to keep mine away from it especially my cat cause she is attracted to cushions so it stays away from her. Invent Help sent this out to us pretty fast and now my husband can't live without it.

Description from Site:

While sitting at a desk all day may pay the bills, it also can take its toll on the body. Sore and achy muscles and joints, along with general discomfort, only add to the stress and aggravation of the work day. Fortunately, relief now comes in a cushion.

Utilizing new H2O technology, Comfort Cushions are designed to help relieve the stress of prolonged sitting. These durable cushions evenly distribute body weight, eliminating pressure points and keeping the body cool and relaxed. Comfort Cushions are ideal for use in the office, extended car rides or wheelchairs, and they can even be heated for therapeutic use.

Additional features:

* Extended sitting comfort
* May be used to provide direct therapeutic heat
* Available in three different colors: blue, green and grey

Comfort Cushion Confy Cushion solid - $24.99

Comfort Cushions Tooshy Cushion - $29.99

I received Comfort Cushions Confy Cushion shown above and no other payment. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed on by others.

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