Saturday, August 28, 2010

Greensmart Indri Backpack Review

I received the Indri Backpack from GreenSmart to review. This very nice backpack caught my attention from the first time I saw it, I even love the pretty blue color as well. I have worked with GreenSmart in the past and they make excellent quality items for a valued price. I love that this backpack is made up of 35 bottles so there recycled and made into the bag so that's less waste in landfills and ways to pollute the earth I love that cause not only will I have a stylish backpack but I'm saving the earth as well. This bag is made very strong it looks like your average backpack as far as bein made strong and looks durable. The inside of this has several compartments great for extra stuff to carry along, although I'm not in school I will be keeping this for a backpack to pack stuff for over night stays somewhere away from home. I love that its versatile enough that your kids can use it, college students can use it or just about anyone really. It has two different main compartments to put stuff in and a few compartments inside of them. Bein this backpack is sturdy made, saves the environment, has alot of room in it, and comes from a company you can trust then it is totally worth what you pay for it. Alot of backpacks run you around what this one does but you just get more from this specific one, now they do carry other backpacks as well but I loved this one the best. So if your looking for a backpack look no further GreenSmart has got you covered.

From There Site About This Product:

stylishly clean exterior, comfortable carrying and a 3 compartment capacity make this the backpack of choice for many. Start with a separate access laptop garage in the back (fits up to a 15.6"), add a generous main compartment with a flap down front organization pocket and two side pockets and you're ready for anything. Finish with airmesh back, straps and integrated handle for a full function, ultra-comfortable, lightweight backpack, that happens to remove 35 bottles from landfill.

Creature Smarts
The Indri is one of the largest living lemurs. Native to Madagascar, its large greenish eyes and black face are framed by round, fuzzy ears that some say give it the visual appearance of a teddy bear.

We name our products after endangered animals. In their support, we donate 10% of profits to non-profit organizations helping to create a greensmart planet.

Height: 18"

Width: 13.5"

Depth: 8"

Weight: 1.7 lbs

Volume: 1650 cu. In.

Interior Laptop Demension: 10"x13"x1"

Exterior/Intreior Color:
Ocean Blue/Orange

Sustainability means building products that last:
That's why we stand behind the quality, craftsmanship and design of every product we make. However, in the unlikely event that you find a defect in materials or workmanship, we will repair or replace the bag. We believe that you don't have to sacrifice good quality for eco-friendliness. Being greensmart means expecting no less.

Giving plastic bottles a second life.
All fabrics used for the GreenSmart Bottles 2 Bags are derived from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

How a plastic bottle became your bag

What makes B2B Green?
The fabric in this product, both the exterior and interior, are derived from 100% post consumer recycled plastic bottles. This process is the end point for the process which begins with the collection of bottles, which become ground up, washed to become fiber, spun into yarn and woven into our fabrics. The overall process also uses less energy than making polyester out of virgin chemicals.

Indri Backpack - $99.95

I received the backpack shown above and no other payment. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed on by others.

Now look forward to this backpack to be given away in one of the prize packs at Blogmania September 15th & 16th 2010 "Save The Date"

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