Saturday, August 28, 2010

Grasshoppers Stretch Plus Zip Shoes Review

I received the Stretch Plus Zip in graphite from Grasshoppers to review. I'm not gonna lie it is so hard for me to find shoes that fit me sadly because when I was growin up I hardly worse shoes anywhere so that made my feet wider which I hate because even though if you measure my foot its about a 10 in womens but technically because of how wide my feet are I wear a 12 and sometimes 13 Wide Width shoe which is so hard to find now days. Now granted I loved that this company had shoes that fit wide width feet although I was sad when they fit me but were still too snug on the sides where my problem always is. So instead of exchanging my husband really liked the color and all and they looked like unisex shoes he tried them on and they fit him great. They were a little loose on him when he first put them on cause he wears about a 9 1/2 in mens but after puttin some socks on with them he said they are so comfortable almost like walking on air. He loves these shoes now and never leaves the house without them on I mean don't get me wrong he needed some new shoes anyways so I'm glad one of us in the house could wear them. I'm not sayin I think the sizes are off with the site but I would say go ahead and do what I didn't do and if you have wide feet normally go ahead and order the XW - extra wide instead. Me and Joe both love the feel of the shoes they have a soft texture because there suede feel. They say there designed for all day comfort and my husband vouches for that he said there so comfortable that its almost like not wearing any at all. Definitely get you some shoes from Grasshoppers. Oh and before I forget the little zippers stay in place and never zip down on you although they don't go up very easy unless your standin up and bend down.

Stretch Plus Zip - $55.00

Free Shipping if over $75

and comes in three colors graphite, black, and dark espresso suede all shown below

I received the stretch plus zip shoes shown above and no other payment. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed on by others.

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