Monday, August 9, 2010

Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps Review

I received 7 bags of regular fruit crisps and 5 bags of sugar free Disney fruit crisps from Brothers All Natural to review. I had never tried dehydrated fruit before so this was all new to me. So we all sat down with a bag my mom with the sugar free ones cause she is diabetic. I tried the pineapple ones they weren't too bad still not really my cup of tea because I love the juices in fruit the most, probably the reason I eat fruit the most. Now Joe got the banana and he loves them he said there really great and taste just like bananas, my mom tried the sugar free peaches and said there delicious. Both of them though have tried dehydrated fruit before though so they knew what to expect more than me. I would say there not that bad but definitely an acquired taste. I love the fact though that they have sugar free because my mom is insulin diabetic and has to watch how much sugar she intakes so for her to be able to enjoy this because of that is a major plus because I hate she can't eat a whole lot fruit these days because of all the sugar that is in the syrup and all. These would make great little snacks for kids and adults as well, although I will probably pass on this my family likes them so that is what matters to me. Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps is a real healthy snack for anyone.

Fruit Crisps the prices below for them but the links are below to whichever you choose to buy

Disney Characters
Mickey's Clubhouse
Toy Story
Variety Packs

24-Pack - $ 21.99
100-Pack - $ 75.00
200-Pack - $ 130.00
140-Pack (Junior Bags 1/3 cup) - $ 80.00
280-Pack (Junior Bags 1/3 cup) - $ 140.00

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I received 12 fruit crisp snacks shown above and no other payment. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed on by others.

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