Friday, July 30, 2010

White Cloud Cirrus 2 Review

I received the Cirrus 2 Electronic Cigarette Kit from White Cloud to review. I was so glad to get to review this because not sure how many know it but I am a smoker and have been for 15 years now and have been wanting to try one of these electronic cigarettes for awhile. The day I got this in the mail it actually came just in time I had just ran out of cigarettes he he, anyways I read the whole instruction book before doing anything with the cirrus 2. The book even says this isn't a quit smoking kit but granted you could use it for this if you wanted they even sell the cartridges with no nicotine them in it for that reason. Well I love the fact that the batteries come with a full charge when you get them so all I had to do was screw the cartridge on and smoke. It looks just like a 100's cigarette and the first puff was unbelievable it really was like a regular cigarette. I love the fact that you inhale vapors because its not harmful yet for us smokers it gives us the feel of smoking a regular cigarette. Then on top of all that the tip of the cirrus is like a lit tip to a cigarette with its LED red light in it every time you take a puff it lights up like the fire on a cigarette. My whole family love this its easy take a couple puffs and your fine for awhile just like you had a cigarette. So far my whole family has used this the whole week now and I haven't had to charge it yet the battery life is awesome I mean it says 7.5 hours of battery time before charging but who sits for 7.5 hours straight smoking. One little cartridge is like equal to two packs a cigarettes because the whole pack of 5 is equal to a carton and you figure at such a low price compared to cigarettes its alot cheaper. Now granted although this was nice I don't think I could 100% switch over to just this but maybe within time I could because the nicotine is the drug I'm addicted to anyways and the cirrus 2 has that. I love you can burn yourself and you don't have to ash the only downfall I see is every smoker in the world has had one of those days when there cigarette just jumps out there hands well it tells you in the handbook you drop this and it may mess up the battery so then you got to buy a new one. Now the kit is a bit pricey but after getting to try it I can completely tell you its worth it especially if you plan on using it to quit. White Cloud has to be the best priced out there of the electronic cigarettes so if your gonna get you one make sure you check them out first.

Cirrus II
Price per Unit (piece): $249.95

I received the cirrus 2 electronic cigarette kit shown above and no other payment. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed on by others.

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