Saturday, June 19, 2010

Outstanding Blog Award

Thanks to my wonderful friend Amanda at Hollywood Chic she has sent me a new award for outstanding blog, I'm 100% honored for this.

The rules are as follows that to accept and display this award in addition naming and thanking the granter of such. I also am required to tell seven (7) things about myself, not included in my profile.

1)My favorite color is green and also purple

2)I have been married for 10 years as of Aug. 3rd

3)I have bipolar and suffer anxiety attacks

4)I have lived in NY,CA,NC,PA,GA,Mass, & NH

5)Me and my husband were homeless for 3 years when we meet

6)I'm a major cat person

7)I'm bisexual and have been my whole life.

May I present my award:

I am so thankful for gaining so many friends in the blogging world. Choices hmmm who are my 3 there are so many good blogs out there I really hope I don't make anyone mad....

Misfit Momma

Beach Baby's Fun Stuff

Sexy Women Read

1 amazing comments:

Hollywood Geek Chic said...

It looks great on your blog and the seven things were wonderful.