Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mad Hippie Skin Care Review

I received the Repair Butter from Mad Hippie to review. I really was glad to get to try this because I'm creeping up on 30 and will be by next year in September, so I want to repair what I've done to my skin up until now. I have been hoping to find a good cream for quiet some time to maybe be more natural and rich with ingredients that don't strip my face of the oils I need and help repair my skin from sun damage and fight the signs of aging. Well this repair butter does just that it smells good unlike some face creams that stink. lol. Anyways I used this for a couple weeks and so did my mom, I know its only a 30 day supply but me and my mom both have total different types a skin so I wanted to prove it could work on both. Her skin is sensitive and dry where mine is oily and not too sensitive at all. Well after a couple weeks of using this my mom said her face feels softer and doesn't break out like it has with some creams she has used, it has also smoothed some of the blotchyness on her face as well. Now granted I guess I was expecting like a big difference in mine but my mom reminded me I really haven't shown much aging yet anyways. But I can point blank say it does make my face softer and smoother, and its not oily or greasy like some creams, and it leaves a glow affect to your face. Also my mom said the dryness in her skin is no where near as bad as it was. Mad Hippie really has some great ideas and products with natural ingredients so they don't harm your face like some stuff does.

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