Sunday, June 27, 2010

dbeautyshop Geo Nudy Golden Blue Contacts Review

I received the Geo Nudy Golden Blue contacts from dbeautyshop to review. I have always wanted to wear contacts from the day I was told I needed glasses, but was afraid to invest in them unless I knew I could wear them or not comfortably. So not only was I able to get these contacts to see if I could or not but I got to change my eye color too which I though was awesome, always wanted blue eyes and wanted to see how I looked with these. Well I got them and read the instructions on how to put them in and all, it seemed real easy. After 4 hours messing with it I gave up I just couldn't get them in my eyes and my eyes were irritated and red by this time. Its not got nothing to do with the contacts its just I have astigmatism real bad and every time I or even Joe or my mom tried to put them in my eye my eye would start rapidly moving and kicking the contact out. I didn't care for the fact that they were so flimsy I always though contacts were flexible just not to the point you touch it and it turns inside out I guess some prefer it though. I haven't given up on wearing contacts just gonna go to looking at just the flexible ones cause the soft ones just won't go in for me. Well my husband Joe wears glasses as well and has wondered if he could wear contacts or not so he said he would try them in. After 4 minutes he had both in no problem he said you couldn't even feel them in and he loved that. He said the only thing he didn't like which you should be able to see in the pic is that around his pupil is gold and you can see them through the contacts so his eyes don't look fully blue. HE said he loves the price as well and plans on buying his future contacts from there just he said he would buy some closer to his eye color so it wouldn't matter if the gold showed through. So ad you can see my hubby is sold on dbeautyshop.

The pics aren't the greatest some are even up close too much but wanted to show what I was talking about.

Below these are pics from the site of the actual colors it shows up as in others eyes as well.


Water Content:
Base Curve:

Life Span:
1 Year
Geo Medical

Geo Nudy Golden Blue
- $29.90

I received the contacts shown above and no other payment. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed on by others.

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