Sunday, June 27, 2010


I received a Green Pop Top Bracelet from Five ACCESSORIES to review. I got this in the mail and it was so cute I never thought of using pop top from cans in this way and its so very unique I love it. The ribbon makes its so pretty and so stylish no matter what its made out of. Plus the company gives some proceeds to charity for the stuff bought from them. This is a truly giveback company from helping the environment because the stuff is taken from the streets of Chicago, and this is even better than plain recycling. I love the way alot of there stuff looks they got alot of nice things and some stuff just never thought to do. I have always wanted to get into crafting of some kind yet never could think of anything to do I really think this was greatly thought out and the edges are not rough at all it fits great. It will fit any size due to using the ribbon instead of a chain of some kind. If you want to give back and want to be totally green then this company is for you with handbags, jewelry and so on all handmade. They ship really fast too, I 100% recommend Five ACCESSORIES to anyone and everyone, great for holidays, and birthdays, or just for some added accessories to outfits in your closet. Check out there other stuff as well below hope you enjoy and hope you will check them out and buy as well.

All Pop Top Bracelet - $5.00

promo code of Summer15 for 15% off any order over $25.00
will be good through August 31

Here Are some of the colors they have

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I received the pop top bracelet shown above and no other payment. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed on by others.

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