Monday, May 3, 2010

Yay We Got A A/C!! All In All A Good Day!

All in all today turned out pretty good, only one bad thing which is great for my luck because 90% of the time if I had any luck its always bad. Anyways we went to Clinton which is originally where I'm from and we went to Walmart to see about if they could fix my glasses.....ugh NO! that's Walmart for you they don't keep spare parts to glasses and such you gotta buy new ones, and to get new ones you gotta see the Doctor and to see the doctor and get glasses you got to have about $150.00..what asses! Anyways so I'm gonna go to the dollar general later this week when I get the money and see if I can find some reading glasses with the same size arm that my glasses have buy them and put those arms on my glasses so I'm hopin that will work. So if you see more misspellings than usual ha ha yeah I type the way I talk I'm southern, so you will know why. Anyways we then went and spent time with my 2nd momma Pee Wee and her daughter Christy, I gave Pee Wee her mother's day present and she loved it. Then we went and got the A/C I was so freakin happy! We came home put it in the window and it has been plain heaven in our house yet its 79 outside right now with 80% humidity and we can't feel it. Anyways just wanted to inform everyone....

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