Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wish Me Luck

I can't wait til tomorrow oh my god it has been in the 90's here and so awfully hot. We have no A/c and have been dealing with it, yet tomorrow if all goes right we will be getting our truck fixed which the brakes need to be fixed, and we're getting a A/C from Rent America...WOOHOO! Also the other day my glasses just broke which sucked so been having a harder time reading the computer screen so haven't done as much as I usually do, and still can't sit for long periods without letting my eyes ahve a break. Anyways gonna head to Walmart tomorrow and hopefully they can fix the arm of them for me due to looks like the arm is stripped from the screw. Here's hoping! Also we're gonna stop by my 2nd mom's house and give her, her mother's day present early which is that goddess set that I was giving away earlier last month she will love it and she needs a little pampering. Also gonna give her some massage oil I bought as well.... I think it will fit nicely with that set. Anyways wish me luck ya'll for tomorrow!

2 amazing comments:

Unknown said...

Good luck hun! I cant imagine 90 degree weather without relieft from AC..YIKES!@

Danyale N. said...

yeah its been hell especially yesterday