Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sugar Free Chewing Gum Review

I don’t know about everyone but I’m a gum freak and love tryin all kinds of gum. I really got into chewing sugar free gum a couple years back because it is not as gritty from all the sugar in it. Anyways just wanted to see if any other major gum chewers out there and if ya’ll have tried any of these gums below. I love Ice Breakers gum its minty and tasty all together… these are two of my new favorite ones to chew Kiwi Watermelon & Raspberry Sorbet. Also if your like me I love orbit even though the woman that does the commercials is a biatch…how do I know I sadly met he awhile back and she seems to think she is all that, she is some kind of swimsuit model as well but not like anyone cared. But back to the gum I’m always trying a new flavor every time one comes out this month it was perfect peach. Stride also has a pretty good gum out that changes flavor we got the citrus mint and it actually changes flavors back and fourth between them.

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