Saturday, May 15, 2010

Storm Warning By Billy Graham Book Review

I have listened too Rev. Graham alot since I was a child. I remember my parents always listening to his crusades on tv whenever they came on. I have always found him to be a very truthful and religious man. In this book he has explained the book of revaluations and what it means so anyone can understand it. There are passages that I have understood to refer back at other times, like in times of confusion and loneliness. These I believe will help me and others to hold on and persevere in tough times. We don't understand why these wars and bad things that are happening in our world must be or why god doesn't stop them from happening. I think in reading Rev. Graham's book I understand a little better than I did. God has told us from the beginning that these things must come to pass for man to turn away from his ways. Those that listen and repent will be saved and live in Christ new kingdom, for those that don't or wait too long will be left outside of god's protection, when the door closes it will not be reopened to let anyone in. When Christ comes again it is so important to repent now. There will be bad times for all of us, but Christ is with those that believe in him and cling to him to help them through. They will be the one's who will be with him in the new kingdom. I enjoyed this book because Rev. Graham made the book of revelations come alive for me. I have read it before in church and by myself, but it was like reading a fantasy. Rev. Graham put it's contents in a way I could relate better to what was being prophsied. I hope others will read this book and others by Rev. Graham and learn from wisdom & love.

The book was given to me by Booksneeze for review.

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Marsha S said...

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You did a great review.