Sunday, May 23, 2010

Orly "Sweet" Collection" Review

I received the Sweet Collection of fingernail polishes from Orly to review. I was so happy about working with a finger nail polish company that I have heard of before unlike some I haven't. Granted I have never used Orly before but I've heard good things about them. The Sweet Collection is filled with brilliant pastel colors that come with many lip glosses tied to the colors which was so neat. I loved all but the pink ones cause pink pastel don't go to great with my skin tone so I let my mom have those and she loves them as well. They have such beautiful choices to choose from I love the blue and the green the best. There perfect for just a touch of summer time colors to top off the outfit you wear to the beach or out shopping. Granted you will see in the picture my nerves were bad that day cause I didn't get the polish on the straightest but you get the just of it and how pretty they are. They last awhile on the nails too without chipping, plus they come off with your regular fingernail polish remover easy. I searched over Orly's website and they have colors for just about anyone plus other nail care as well so definatly check them out I promise you won't be sorry. By the way they also come in bigger containers than most average fingernail polishes so you get more for your money, and there totally worth the price. Sorry about the one pic bein blurry too I moved .

The scents that match the colors are (these are all pastel colors)

light pink- cotton candy
dark pink- pixy stix
blue-snow cone
green-gum drop

For the Sweets Collection-$7.50 each bottle

While your there check out there other great colors.

I received the sweets collection all 6 shades shown above and no other payment for this. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed upon by everyone.

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