Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Novica Review

I received a $100 Gift card to Novica to get me some stuff I liked to review the company. It was so hard because they have such nice stuff and there not over expensive, all the stuff is hand made from around the world. They work with National Geographic and that’s a well known name in almost every household. I was able to get 3 things for $100 so that was great and I don’t know about everyone else but I would pay more for hand made stuff anyways because I believe the people put there heart into the things they make which means more, and is worth more memories. I ordered this beautiful handbag, on the site it was pretty in person it was exquisite, you can tell with every bead and thread there was love and passion poured into it, I absolutely love it. Then the second thing I ordered was this cute little nick knack box made out of Jade with a cute little elephant on top. This little box is adorable actually holds more than I thought it would and already have my rings and some bracelets in it. The last thing I chose was a wood carved dolphin mirror to hang on my wall. I’m addicted to dolphins so when I saw this I fell in love, I really didn’t expect it to me as big as it was but am glad it is, it looks nice on my wall in my bedroom. I might later buy a couple more of these there so beautiful. These items were sent wrapped with a lot of care to make sure nothing got broke, and I got 2 things gift wrapped so I could show the difference of how it looks as well, they put a lot of love into that as well. Call me a sucker but the part that meant the most to me is a post card from Thailand which is where all my items come from with a small note to make you feel even closer to the people who made your stuff. That meant a lot to me plus I have always wanted to collect post cards from all over the world so even though I may never visit there I have a piece of them forever. Don’t think twice this company is far past the rest take the time to check out Novica. They have alot of Unique Gifts and even Unique Corporate Gifts and for any last minute shopping they have Gifts for mom. I love the fact that they have some very beautiful Handmade Jewelry. Microcredit

They have all kinds of different things but I will share with you the prices of the stuff I got

Mirror, 'Dolly Dolphin'--$47.95

Celadon ceramic box, 'Little Jade Elephant'--$22.95

Cotton sling tote bag, 'Thai Jade' --$24.99

I received the $100 Gift Card which I bought the items shown above and no other payment for this. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed upon by everyone.

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