Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Giveaway & Review Blogs

For some ya'll already know about these blogs but for others jsut visiting and such don't. I have a few friends tryin to get there blogs off the ground, there already pitching companies they jsut need our help with followers to do more. So take a few mins to check these blogs out and follow, also subscribe as well if you don't mind. Hope to see ya'll around these blogs as well.

1)My husbands blog will be doing medical stuff from scrubs, baby bottles prescribed by doctors,even lotions by doctors, to just about anything found in drug stores as well. These will be reviews and giveaways.

2)My friend for along time has decided to review and have giveaways on just about anything but he wants to share stuff from a mans point of view (bare with him he has had a stroke in the past and his spelling is off a little I try to fix it when I see it.

3)A friend of mine wanted to do nothing but sex reviews and other things more in an adult fashion plus she advertises others giveaways as well. I will time to time post my reviews of sex products once there are more followers.

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