Tuesday, April 6, 2010

YAY I Won!!

Well with all the bad news its finally nice to get some good news for a change. I signed on today into my email to receive a email from Cherise on Mama's Money Savers Blog I had entered yesterday to win LYSOL No Touch Soap System which I had been wantin to try for a bit now just never could find the money to buy it with. Well I entered it thinking mine as well give it a shot but with over 400 entries and me bein the last ones I closed the page last night thinkin I wouldn't win anyways. Well guess what..... I WON!!!! YAY!! All thanks to Cherise and her wonderful blog. And I even got this cute lil email from her I wanted to share...

So I won The LYSOL Hand Soap System which comes with a dispenser, 8.5-ounce hand soap refill and 4 AA batteries

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