Monday, April 5, 2010

Is It Just Me??

Ok today I heard about the earthquake in Cali just like I'm sure most of you did...well I went on yahoo's home page a little later to see them talking about it which is understandable but in the same frame it said we gave haiti mor emoney... now again i know we have been sendin money there and all but i just found that kinda disrespectful thats like me bringing up to someone hey sorry your dad died but I'm having a party I mean wtf. I mean did anyone else feel this way I mean don't get me wrong if the USA wasn't so bad off with economy I would be all for sending money to help another country but key thing is WERE NOT FINE! It seems the USA is so caught up in helping over seas and other countries we have forgot about our own people... on the news tonight they said Cali had a earthquake nothing about if anyone was hurt or enjured because of the haitis thing I'm just so hoppin mad about this.

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RE - Entrepod said...

My Oh My, you sure feel a way don't you ? did your mom raise you to share with those who are less fortunante ? did you raise your children to share with those who have less than they do ?

just curious because in your post what you say indicates that you seem to not really feel that way. your post is confusing to me, and I'm hoping you can understand my comment is based on your post.

Danyale N. said...

I understand and totally have been brought up to give to others i was homeless due to helpin others i just believe when you don't have to give you just can't put yourself out for anyone and the usa has its own financial problems with people suffering here everyday yet we dont get the help we need yet the government can send money else where.