Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yesterday Really Made Me So Mad!

Ok so here's the thing Joe was suppose to go take his registry for his CNA again since he failed the first time we got the $70.00 together he called in Feb. and they said all he had to do was send the $70.00 to them and he would probably get into the March 6th course so we were all happy bout that. Well when he sent it in he sent them the change of address to our address now so we just sat and waited for the card for the class. Well Joe called yesterday and asked why he didn't receive it and they sent it to the old address even though they said they saw he put in the computer change of address...**come on are they that stupid like he sent them a new address for the hell of it** Anyways they said they also said in the letter they needed another $3.00 before he could take the test because the price went up at beginning of this year yet the guy in Feb. never told Joe that they said $70.00. Anyways they said because of this now he has to be bumped up til April 6th and there's no guarantee they said still GRRR mess like this makes me so mad I can't stand people like this so now another month to go.

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Danielle said...

Ugh! That is frustrating. I hope everything gets worked out for the April class. Good luck!