Thursday, March 11, 2010

To All MJ Fans Help Us Tonight!!!

This is the final countdown !!! tonight 7PM PST 10pm EST time !!!! Be there for Michael !! for Justice !! for ♥ !! we Need to do this my friends... we owe this to Michael Jackson the King of Pop, the man, the father, the humanitarian hero !! Here is the actual event and what we need to do this is in the groups events info:


We want the world to know the truth about Michael Jackson's murder and we want to seek justice.Hence, our plan is to use twitter as a tool to get the word out and emphasize the injustice Michael Jackson endured, not only on June 25,2009 but right now at the present moment as well ! The world needs to know why we are in complete outrage and dismayed of Dr.Murray's involuntary manslaughter charges which are completely absurd and inequitable ! The punishment clearly does not fit the crime !
Michael Jackson is a man who has done so much for all human kind as he broke down racial barriers and was the most charitable artist in history !

If the people of Los Angeles didn't accept the LAPD getting away with police brutality upon a man we barely knew in '92 ,why is it that we as a society, the people of the world should ignore the fact Dr.Murray killed Michael Jackson ? Thus why should we let Murray walk away with murder and depend on the DA to bring any justice ! As we can all see, 2nd degree murder charges have not been added and Dr.Murray will likely end up taking a plea bargain without a trial, probation and community service as his punishment !

Can you believe this is happening to the most famous man in the world,the best entertainer of all time ? What does this say about our future destiny, if we allow this to happen? Dont you see they don't care about us?

Help us make a change ! On March 11, 2010 at 7pm/pst get on twitter and type in #JUSTICE4MJ at the same time .Retweet it 100 times if you can until our #JUSTICE4MJ becomes a trending topic. This is our only attempt to raise world wide awareness before Murray goes back to court for preliminary hearing on April 5,2010 .

We still have a voice and can make the DA change the Involuntary manslaughter charges to 2nd degree murder !! Its not too late,please act NOW !!

I will also be doing a usteam live video at the same time where I will answer questions and take calls .I urge everyone to participate and do the ustream live video with me if you can ! Ustream video and twitter go hand in hand so as to make our tweets more effective as well as to keep our #JUSTICE4MJ a trending topic for as long as we can.

Dont worry about not knowing ustream.I will log on my ustream account through facebook and twitter at the same time during our #JUSTICE4MJ trending topic tweets.

Please invite your friends and all MJ groups to join us for this event as the more people we have the more successful our plan will become :)

Let's make some noise and raise our voices together as one !!

If your on facebook let them know your attending here!/event.php?eid=343099079482

if your not on facebook still help us if you have a twitter account... Thanks in advance to all the Michael Jackson fans out there that want justice.

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