Thursday, March 11, 2010

American Idol This Week 3/9/2010-3/10/2010

Ok I watched american idol this week tues and weds night and I was so disappointed in the women they all really need to go home and thats sad but after comparing them to the men on weds. which blew me away. I wish they would just take the 4 going home this week out of the women only....grrr. My run down of each singer...


Didi Benami-- i love didi's style although thinking probably wrong song choice this week but hope to see her again next week.

Crystal Bowersox--i think she is one who knows what kind of music is right for her and she pulls off with alot of confidence i really like her..

Katelyn Epperly-- again not originally one of my favs but last couple weeks she did great then on tues she sucked again..

Katie Stevens-- singing breakaway by kelly clarkson was plain out murder!! and she sucked at it....

Lacey Brown-- I think she did a great job in song choice and pulling it off for the night. I love her pretty eyes and her beautiful vocals.... so really hoping she stays in this week

Lilly Scott-- Hard to say about her tues night performance cause I don't like her sound at all!!!

Siobhan Magnus-- she was so forgettable I can't for the life of me even think what she sang

Paige Miles-- I really think she has potential but when she ruined the song "Smile" tues night I seriously think its time for her to go. Then she brings in that it was MJ's fav. song which all his fans know, but yet did it no justice for him or the original singer. It was missing feeling and happiness.


Todrick Hall-- I love Todrick he takes songs and makes this big change and makes everything his own although it amazes me how the judges want this but when he does it they don't. I think he will go far even if he goes home.

Tim Urban--In the beginning I really didn't care for him but since america has been able to vote for him I really think he has stepped it up and he is one of my favorites I loved his hallelujah song last night.

Michael Lynche-- He sang a beautiful song, beautifully.... he has a great voice but can't put my finger on it somethings missing.

Lee Dewyze-- Lee blew me away like he does every week and I just love the raspy sound in his voice he totally should keep alternative sound.

Casey James-- although he has some sweet looks just like Kara thinks I love the sound of his voice but he needs more confidence and I just don't think he is as good as some of the others.

Andrew Garcia-- I liked him when he auditioned but lately I think he has lost his IT factor. Although his Christina Aguilera song was ok was definatly not the best songs he's chosen and don't think it really worked for him.

Alex Lambert-- I like his voice yet his nerves get to him bad he is the one they were sayin usually throws up before the show or before a football game. He has such bad anxiety he needs to work with that first then come back and try to sing better.

Aaron Kelly-- I love how he brought off Lonestar- Already There I loved it 100% he does need to work on his deeper part though cause he has such a high powered voice other than that I want to see him another week


My choices of who should go home is:

Ladies----- Paige & Lilly
Guys----- Andrew & Alex

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