Monday, March 15, 2010

Mountain Dew Throwback Review

Ok I bought this at the beginning of the month on the 8th figured I loved the Pepsi throwback so much I would love this since I'm a die hard mountain dew fan....WRONG! I really thought it tasted like flat mountain dew, sad part is I bought 2 12pks and will eventually drink them all but just want to let all the real mountain dew drinker lovers out there know that you probably won't like it if you have only drank the mountain dew with fructose syrup in it. I guess to people that aren't major mountain dew drinkers they may just like it and not be able to tell much difference. I even tried leaving it in the refrigerator to see if it got better after being ice cold and still taste nothing but like flat mountain dew, which don't get me wrong is better than any flat cola but still just wasn't to be expected from just opening a soda for the first time. I don't think mountain dew did anything good for it this time, they were only supposed to take the high fructose syrup out and put sugar in the place but also taste like they took the carbonation out as well. Check your local store I paid $4.99 for 12 pk and our walmart didn't carry it if you want to try it.

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Katie said...

I agree with you! I am a die hard Mt. Dew fan and bought the 12 pks of the throwback on sale. I was thinkin hey I might like these it's still Mt. Dew.....WRONG....I couldn't wait to get those out of the fridge so I can replace it with my usual.
My husband even said that he didn't like the DR Pepper throwback either. so....