Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Misikko's Hana Professional Flat Iron 1'' - Pink Edition Review

I received this the other day to review and I know nothing about flat irons absolutely nothing never used one before. So of course I had to sit down and read all the directions kinda sad but the company makes it very easy to understand which is a major plus. It even tells you in the instructions on what setting to put the heat on for your hair type, so I set mine on 302 which is for hair color treated or bleached. It even tells you how to style it I assumed it was just to straighten your hair only, boy was I wrong you can actually curl your hair with it as well. I wanted to try this because even though my hair is straight already it would help with frizz I was told, but its a styling and frizz control product all in one which is awesome. Now granted I have short hair it may take longer with anyone with longer hair but it took me 5 mins after heated up to style my hair. I normally don't do alot with my hair before going out due to the fact it takes so long with this great hot iron I can heat up while putting on makeup and by then its heated up do my hair in 5 mins let it cool while I finish gettin things together and then put it up and walk out the door. Also the shine shield that comes with it really works so as you will see below pics with the shine, no frizz, just great quick hair and you can see where I curled the ends the way I wanted it. Also love how they send it out its so cute in the box and all and hoe they had it setup with the roses just felt so personal. The only 2 things I would change about this is for first time users may not always know when the iron is heated to the max and if the light went out or something when it was heated enough might work better and as far as I don't care too much for pink but they do have other colors so not a big deal and I still love my Hana Professional Flat Iron. There not made cheap like some companies make there hot irons completely ceramic plates not coated. Also it adjusts to every hair type and makes your hair soft after using it.It even talks about Tourmaline, a precious mineral ground and baked into the ceramic plates and that it generates intense ion boost for shine in your hair instead of damaging your hair like others.Anyways I love this product I hope others enjoy as much as I am. Also included is a great little mat to keep from burning your counters, and a travel pouch to take with you as well.

This product is brought to you by Misikko

These hot iron's go for normal price $204.99 but on sale for $119.99 and truly worth every dime.

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I received 1 hot iron set and no other payment for this. The above is my opinion of the product only. I was completely honest in how I liked this product.

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