Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fresh Wave Review

I received from Fresh Wave these 2 products Fresh Wave Pets Spray & Fresh Wave Pets Shampoo and got to try them out. Well I have 3 dogs in my home and 2 cats so definatly needed these things. First we tried out the spray and you can really smell the pine smell in it but it cuts through any smell of odor in the room or on furniture. It's safe to use in the same room as the animals as well and its not a over powering smell which is really great due to my whole family has asthma. The shampoo has a pretty descent smell not the best by far put still not a strong odor the only thing I didn't like is it doesn't lather real well so you have to use a little more than the bottle says. All in all this is a great company with some good products. You can buy the 2 products I reviewed for $13.99 for shampoo and $4.50 for the travel spray A little of something for everyone here are my pics below.

This is my opinion only and I received no other payment for this but the products above.

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