Thursday, February 18, 2010

"This Is It" Movie Review

Ok as promised I am doing my review of the movie "This Is It: with Michael Jackson. I watched the movie yesterday and finished the features and commentaries tonight so I could review the whole movie. Well first off let me tell you for any fans of Michael Jackson I really believe you will cherish this movie and want to watch it again and again. I love how in this movie you got to really get to know Michael Jackson a little more you got to see his personality come out behind the scenes which is great because you can see he seems to be a very genuine person. You got see how he came up with his moves and at the end of this movie you can truly tell this would've been one of the best concerts known to man. From the outfits they made to the on stage presents it all screamed MJ.

I really wish I could've seen the side of him in this movie before he died and I believe for some who hated him they may have been more at peace after seeing it. Now I know there has been a big uproar some believe the man who died last year was not the real Michael Jackson but an impostor so here are my words to insight on that note... Ok I admit I'am one of those people and I have many reasons why I believe what I do and I want to share with everyone.

1)My reasons being in no particular order is one I used equalizers on computer and the MJ that died last years voice range could go lower and its highest point was the younger MJ's low.

2)He talks deeper than the original and even sings lower

3)he's alot taller than the original and the time it would've changed MJ was already full grown no more growing there

4)seeing pics with Michael with his shirt open no offense but he don't have black chest hair he has a white mans

5)Cha'Mon which he says but the original did not is actually a southern term not someone from Indiana

6)His accent changed after thriller album which is when they think the impostor would've came in at he has more of a new england accent like when he says darker and heart now.

7)He used to be real close to Janet then one day around that time he cut off from her and family was everything to the original Michael

8)In the movie This Is It he didn't even sing the originals Michael's songs he lip sinked them and the one he did was way off from the original melody wasn't even the same

9)In the movie he didn't even do the famous lean in smooth criminal

10)He couldn't remember the words to any of the originals Michael's songs he had to learn them

11)Not that I remember did the original Michael grab his crotch I may be wrong but pretty sure he didn't

And I could probably go on with more but I don't want to say anything bad about him I guess its just where I come from, I never cared for the original Michael's songs yet fell in love with the other man he became. I grew up through the 90's with Michael even said at one time I was gonna marry I do believe this movie will make you really think about maybe it bein possible there was two Michael's but I will tell you my point of view like with my husband he don't care for the movie because he loved the original Michael on the other hand I didn't and loved the newer MJ so I loved the movie so all I can say is if you liked the original you will probably hate this movie if you loved the newer MJ that died last year you will love it.

This is definatly a movie to share on for generations to come and I'm not afraid to say I give this 5 stars and it brought me to tears knowing he was a good man and I will never see him again, but he has gone to a better place. Now I just feel for his kids and what there goin through I really believe his family is a disgrace because if they really loved Michael they would've respected his wishes and keep his kids out of the spotlight. Anyways not sure how this went from a movie review to how I feel but I hope you enjoyed just the same. I will always be a MJ fan and will greatly miss him. I know if I'm all wrong with thinkin there was an impostor or not I apologize to anyone it may hurt everyone has there own opinions and I guess its how I handle his loss better. I do find it a disgrace as well there gonna remake his song We Are The World when he was the one who brought it to life. Guess I'll stop ranting and raving now.


R.I.P. Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

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