Saturday, February 20, 2010

Quick Milk Magic Straw Review

I saw these in the store and they were new and just had to try them. There suppose to be for easy use of having chocolate milk on the go. I really think these are really great for kids and I loved the taste of them. There is a few downfalls I saw, first being that you couldn't just drink your chocolate milk right down you had to drink some through the straw then let it go back down and do it in little sips just to get the flavor of the chocolate and not just white milk. Now granted I ended up using them in already chocolate milk and they were great just for that added boost of chocolaty flavor on top of your already chocolate milk. The second downfall is that don't try to drink it right down due to the little holes in the straw very hard to do for an adult and you will end up swallowing too much hair and sucking the straw to death. I would definatly buy this again but again like I said it works best in already chocolate milk for the extra boost, but if you have kids this is a must have, it also comes in other flavors of vanilla, and strawberry as well. I only paid $1.99 each from my local grocery store they were in the ice cream isle.

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