Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Way To Make Money & Get Free Gift Cards!

Ok not too long ago I had a few people ask me about reward sites that are legit well sadly there are alot out there that are definatly scams and sometimes you never know til you invest time in them, and ain't nothin more frustrating than to do that and not get anything out of it, so in this post I'm gonna share some sites with everyone and how they work and some info about each one and at the end I will post a few sites I'm trying out and not sure if they actually pay yet so then its on you to join. Please use my referral links to all the sites since I'm the one sharing this info with you, also if you want other sites which I have a few that only let me email from the site so just leave whatever email address you want the referral sent to from these sites.

Ok I have been doin reward sites for 2 1/2 years and have got over $800.00 by now from all my sites sorry don't exact estimate haven't really counted. If I have proof its posted on my forum so I will kink to the exact post so you can see the pics to know I'm telling the truth. So without further ado below are a list of some companies.

this is a great site been a member since end of 2007 and have received between gift cards and cash I have gotten $451.00 this is a site where you share your thoughts and talk about just about anything as long as its marked appropriate for like if its adult and so on. You can also share pics, videos as well and people view your stuff you share and that's how the points come in. They have changed alot in the last could years now they pay once a month usually a month from your date of cashout. You can request cash through paypal. They are still a very legit company and where I still get most of my money from.

Swagbucks This is a great search site one of the best out there at the moment. Now I know I only posted one of my giftcards I got from swagbucks but I have gained $40.00 worth of stuff from there another member showed more though. with this site you don't get points for every search so this is a good site to use like you should really be searching for something don't back to back search and make sure you open some of the pages your searching for because it picks up if your just tryin to get points. You can get 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 swagbucks at a time. I usually cash out every other month for the amazon gift cards but there are alot of other things on the site as well. If you cashout for cash its only for paypal.Here's the signup link below.

Inboxdollars This is a paid email site where you receive emails and you click and open it a click you've read it and that's it you get anywhere from $0.01 to $.05 each email. Proof: Been a member for over 2 years now am a gold member so I get paid faster which is great. The way to become gold is one month instead of cashing out turn it in for gold membership its worth it in the end. Also on this site you can shop through the site and get money back, play games if you put real money in, surveys and a few other things seriously though I just do the emails these days. When you cash out normally takes 2 months to receive check if your a gold member in 2 weeks. You have to wait till you get $30.00 to cash out and they pay by check only.

Sendearnings all the info is the same from inboxdollars its owned by same company but you can have an account on both, they do all the same things with the emails and all I haven't cashed out yet but know plenty who have will post proof when I do.

Video Squares This is a great site does take a bit to cashout for some great prizes from gift cards, visa gift card, cameras, and so on. You play games to get points can be very fun. Proof: The more people you refer you get 1,000 points for each referred person.

Cash Crate This is another great site I've been paid from you do offers free or paid up to you I only do the free ones and when they credit you get your money on your account. You can cashout the 1st as low as $10.00 2nd on out as low as $20.00. It's only sent in check form receive on the 15th of every month, and when you refer someone when they reach there first $10.00 you get $3.00 added to your account.

Points 2 Shop/Cashle
This is a great site you can get stuff through amazon right through the site although I usually use points 2 shop more you can also switch right on the site to cashle and get cash through check or paypal or even gift cards. Proof: You do offers like on cashle to get the points or money you can cashout for the cash with as low as nothing with egold $1.00 by paypal and $5.00 for check but there is a small fee for check. I'm including cashle referral link but it puts you on both sites together it just means I will earn cash if you do something on the site. You do have to verify your email to do anything on the site. They even have a area where you can cash out for i think 100 points for $1.00 sent to you in the mail to prove there legit. You can also play games on the site for points as well. Shipping is included in your points on points 2 shop so you pay nothing out of pocket for any item you want. I have got nice things from this site...

These are some of the best sites got to get some more together to post but for now that should keep some of ya'll busy. If you want some good survey sites and some other cool sites feel free to leaver your email address on this post.