Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Busy Day!

Well today has been a busy day been going and going like the energizer bunnyMySpace Graphics

.. hee hee hee

Anyways tryin to sort through some upcoming giveaways and reviews for everyone so please keep checking back with me I should be doing another soon. Glad ya'll seem to like the bracelet especially, I'm happy most read the entry into it although I have seen some that haven't left there email address on any of there entries, I would like it on all entries makes it easier for me to pick out the winner and contacting them but if you slip a couple times its fine at least have your email in one of them. If you know you didn't leave me your email address then you need to make either another entry from one of the things you haven't or delete one of yours and take another spot in the entries or when I go to pick the winner if I can't get in touch with you then it goes to the next person. Another thing I have noticed which not sure if they ended up following me after but I know I had saw one person entered my giveaway yet didn't follow me or leave a email address well that's just wasting all of us's time because if you win I can't email you and if you don't follow you will not see if I post your the winner.

Anyways guess I'll get back to gettin stuff together for my companies and watch a movie see ya'll soon, I'm hoping to get something in the mail tomorrow we shall see.... Watch for a new giveaway in the next days.

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Melanie said...

Look forward to reading all your posts!

Following from MBC-simply 50.

Danyale N. said...

glad to see you following me and thanks for stopping by