Saturday, January 2, 2010

Skin MD Lotion Review (Got My Freebie Today)

Today i had the luxury of getting my lotion i won in the giveaway and it was a pleasant surprise. Skin MD comes in very small bottles which has to be the biggest downfall for the prices there actually asking for it. One little 4oz bottle is $18.00 supposivily lasts for 1 to 2 months at a time I will let ya'll know if it actually does I wrote it down on my calendar. Anyways I used it today because I have really bad dry skin and it has got to the point no lotion helps my dry skin so I hate when winter comes because my skin hurts so bad. I put this on today and it goes on so silky and isn't greasy or too thick. It soothed my angry skin from bein so dry instantly. this was definatly heaven sent I have never had a lotion after it dry on feel so soft or relieve my pain before. This lotion maybe kinda high in price but for people like me who have tried everything else and no relief its worth the price. It tells you about there product more on there site if you want to learn more but I would definatly recommend this product to everyone going to tell my family about and my friends as well... absolutely love it!!! 5 stars.

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