Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pop Tarts Review/Freebie

I got today in the mail a freebie of poptarts a new flavor of wild grape. There very colorful yet there are alot of good flavors in the pop tart world I just don't think this is one of there best. When you think of poptarts you think of something sweet, but in this kind I think was a little more tangy which wouldn't be a problem until you add all that sweet on top, the two don't match as great as they should. I guess out of a rating scale of 1 through 5 I'd give it a 3 because again there not too bad just not really my cup of tea and don't think I will be buying them I will stick to my other flavors out there. I tried one cold and one warmed up in the toaster and they are definatly better warm but sweeter cold out of the pack so whether you want it sweeter or more tangier is up to you. These would probably be really great for kids though I think the look alone would attract there attention.

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