Sunday, August 18, 2013

Chewy Dog Treats Review

Thanks to Chewy for providing me with the product below to review with no purchase.

I received the Halo Healthsome Biscuits with Beef & Liver Dog Treats from Chewy to review. I got these fast and couldn't wait to see how my dog liked them. They smelled actually pretty good don't mean I'm gonna eat them but I like when pet food smells more like human food and I love that its natural so you know what you are givin your animals isn't just poison or foods and treats with alot of chemicals in them. You can't help but love the price even with it off sale price. My dog and even the neighbors dog we let eat these and they took to them right away. They are both small dogs and it was easy for them to eat and handle in their mouths. Not only did they like them but they came back for more they liked them so much thats always a great sign. My moms dog and the neighbors dog are pretty finicky so if they eat it thats a great sign too and to love it well thats a even bigger bonus. I love that through out their site they have alot of great items like these treats as well as cat products too none of their stuff is too high in price and with knowin this was great quality I trust the rest of their stuff too. They have a run down of info on each product as well as reviews on the site so you know what your gettin before you get it. So check out Chewy for all your pet needs I really do think you will love them too.

Halo Healthsome Biscuits with Beef & Liver Dog Treats - $4.99
  regular price for 8oz bag - $7.49

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I received the dog treats above and no other form of payment for this review. This is my 100% opinion and may not be agreed on by all.

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