Thursday, September 6, 2012

More About Me

this is a update on me and things about that I thought to add haha.... Hope I haven't bored ya'll...

Well since the info below about me things have changed as well as things I'd like to add.

I'm 31 now as of Sept. 5th so as you can see I haven't changed haha. As for the only pic I can update is my neices since she colored her hair as for the rest of my family hasn't changed much and I dyed my hair back to a brown which is closer to my natural color. My mom hates pictures so its a pain gettin update of her. Anyways Here is some more things about me.

I forgot some of these but here they are...

I'm a tech nerd and proud of it I love to take things apart and see how they work it takes everything I have not to take apart things that are working fine I try to remember my grandpa's saying if its not broke don't fix it.

I'm a gamer nerd although I love games of all kinds always been more into game systems but startin to venture off into games online these ays and like them alot.

Favorite games: Sims 2 (PC), Tekken 5 (PS2), Mortal Kombat (PS2), Dungeons & Dragons Online (PC), Rift (PC online), Age Of Empires (PC), Spyro (PS1), Pokemon (Gameboy), Need For Speed (PS2), Burnout 2 (PS2)

Also can't forget I still love to hate mario brothers on SNES & NES which I own a player that plays both games love it. Its old school but will always be apart of me as well as Atari.

I also love asian lillys not just white roses love the smell of them and they are so pretty as well as tiger lillys.

I guess I should have mentioned I love gel pens not just pens in general.

Favorite Movies: The Matchmaker, Enchanted, The Notebook, The Time Travelers Wife, Leap Year, Letters To Juliet, Underworld (All), Resident Evil (All), Princess Diaries (all), 27 Dresses, X-Men (All), Titanic, (Anything with Steve Carell, Julia Roberts, Johnny Depp, Will Smith, Robin Williams, Sandra Bullock, Will Ferrell, or James Marsden)

Fav. Actors (Hotties): Johnny Depp, James Marsden, Will Smith, David Giuntoli, Danny Pino, Joshua Jackson, Mathew Goode, Adam Garcia, Drew Seeley

Fav. Actresses: Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Michelle Pfeifer, Charlize Theron, Reese Witherspoon

Fav. Comedians: Steve Carell, Robin Williams, Will Ferrell, Jim Carrey, Jeff Dunham, Stephen Lynch

Favorite Scents: vanilla, chocolate, melons, cucumbers, tropical

I'm a major cat person :)

Books I Love: The Time Travelers Wife, Timeless By: Alexandra Monir, Stephanie Myers - Breaking Dawn

I love to text but also addicted to the phone :D

I can't cook well but some things but love to fix deserts for people

I have arachnophobia bad enough to cause panic attacks

also afraid of heights, water, and clowns but technically....

"Not afraid of heights its falling, not of water but of drowning, not of clowns just penny wise, and not afraid of love but being hurt"

the love part i added in cause its true in so many ways been hurt so much tired of games but always scared the person i give my heart to will have the power to crush me and that they will. By the way the clown one isnt even part of the saying but damn true for me I hate stephen king for what he did to me with my fear of clowns.

I love opera my favorite song is Carmen's Habenera that song is so beautiful and if sung right should bring tears to your eyes.

and although not a opera song but I love the religious song You Raise Me Up but I loved it better when Chris Mann sang it with his lovely opera voice

I guess thats all I can think of and here is a updated pic of my beautiful neice who will be 13 in Oct.

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