Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hurricane Season Yet Again In NC

Hey everyone hope all is well with most I do hope ya'll like the new look to the blog finally finished with its looks. Anyways I'm tryin to get my head into my blog but very hard to do so when you see what I have been seein lately. I mean this is the time of the year we are known for gettin the most hurricanes here in NC. It sucks too cause my birthday is Sept. 5th and god forbid always seems to be near or on a damn hurricane. Anyways I'd be lyin if i didnt say I was scared to death yet again cause now it looks like Isaac might or might not hit us but yet joyce is right behind him and when she turns in to a hurricane she is planned to come right for NC with a vigence thats just great. I hope that both storms dont hit us at the same time that all in itself is scary. Anyways I will try to keep everyone informed as well as try to get more stuff up soon. Anyways here is the latest pic of the hurricane

here is a picture where it shows joyce goin for us

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Amanda Tempel said...

I'm in NC right now, not far from you, but I haven't heard much about Isaac hitting here, my mom told me that Isaac should be hitting my home in FL though. I'm bummbed, I love hurricanes!

Danyale N. said...

yeah seems its gonna miss us now and yeah nc hasnt been worried from day one i monitored through the weather channel cause plainly i know a hurricane can change its shifts fast with no explanation was why i was kinda freaked out and all... now your butt needs to come meet me haha since ur in NC.... we can celebrate the hurricane that isnt gonna happen :D