Friday, August 10, 2012

Announcement On New Changes To Come

Hey everybody I'm sorry I don't come on my blog as much as I used to but I have been fighting with my depression over my blog I thought I would be so much farther in followers and such after almost 3 years then I started thinkin some other blogs have alot more people yes but I dont hear alot of them say they get nice emails from some of their followers and nice comments wishing them well. I feel I have some of the best followers in the world ya'll have become my family and I'm very appreciative of ya'll taking the journey with me. Its fine if bigger companies don't want me cause I don't fit their stats they want oh well we have each other and there will always be companies that will. I give honest opinions and from now I'm tired of hiding behind some companies that I have found to be bad things yet I felt obligated to some of the companies to just never mention them at all. Now this doesn't mean I haven't been honest with the reviews I have done negative or positive on my blog. This just means there is some companies that would rather not be posted at all if I don't like their items. I truly hate this and amazing how so many bloggers do just this they hush the item.

Since I'm about to shake things up no longer will I be doin this if I don't like it then if its negative its negative, if its positive its positive, and if its neutral its neutral so for any companies that want to work with me they will know upfront its only fair to my followers (my family). I hope the changes I make keep ya'll to keep coming back I have always tried to be a different kind of blogger, one that reaches you as a best friend, or a family member than just a professional type of blogger. I also think I might start writing more from me its somethin I miss, so whether it be things goin on in my life or somethin i believe in I'm gonna start sharing it. Now does this mean I'm gonna post every single day...NO!! I will take at least 2 days off a week and if I'm sick of course but I will try to write when I can and it may even be quiet with giveaways from time to time because I promise you alot of companies don't like to know someone will talk bad about somethin they don't like in their company. If ya'll have ideas by all means please share I want to make this blog just as much home to you as it is to me.

I lost myself along the way in my shitty marriage and now that I'm so past that part and move towards the future then I need change as well so my blog is more me and more fun. I have had some great friends along the way that have helped so much and I thank them for that. Although with my separation and how ugly it got I still can't share some intimate things in my life like what I'm actually doin for work or means to make money just know that my blog does most of what I have which isn't much and me and my mom barely pull through each month. I also can't share for who or if I'm dating anyone because of the outbursts my ex did for so long and he broke up me and my ex boyfriend because of his mess so now its easier to not mention any of that publicly. Also I do have a vacation coming up but sadly won't be sharing the pics or where the location I'm goin because thats too much info that can get back to my ex at this time. As much of my life that I can keep from my ex I plan to cause he has no right knowing what I'm doing anymore. I've worked on my self confidence, and self esteem and have made myself so much stronger since he left and i want to continue that battle. Once my divorce is final I can't wait to share those parts of my life with ya'll that for now I just won't. I may complain from time to time about NC and our stupid... stupid divorce laws though.

Anyways so much to change and I'm not even sure where to start, I just wanted ya'll to know I love ya'll dearly and thank you so much for coming here, for being part of this, and I hope for everything I can do in the future it will continue to make all ya'll happy. So again I hope everyone likes the changes and again thank you for bein a big part of this blog.

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A. Smith said...

Sending some follower love your way - thanks for being honest about products which is very rare these days. Love to ya ;)

Danyale N. said...

your very welcome and followers like you are the reason i love what i do :) and i hope you continue to like my blog

Denise G said...

Danyale - you are a wonderful person! I am so glad I met you through blogging! I cannot thank you enough for all your help in getting me going with blogging!! I wish nothing but good things for you! You need to talk you know I am here!

Amanda Tempel said...

I love the idea of a change, and being brutally honest, even when the company doesn't like it! I for one LOVE reading truthful reviews!

I love your new look too, the colors are just awesome :)!!

I'm sorry things have been so hard for you, and you know you can always get ahold of me if you need to talk.

Danyale N. said...

@denise thank you so much glad i met you too i always wished i could have been more help but sadly so much difference between canada and usa with companies and such sometimes its not even funny but i continue to try to help and hope i can in the future as well. i know your there if i need to talk and i appreciate that more than you know you have been one of the reasons i love what i do and how i meet great people like you that goes both ways though you need me just let me know.

@amanda i feel sometimes you need to be honest whether good or bad and some just dont like it but i know with my company i want both and with my book writing im learning that sometimes that bad is what helps me step up and be a little bit better each time. I'm glad you like the look still got a few more things to do first then it will be officially done in looks but thanks just the same someone told me to make it more like me now and less like the person i was when i was with my ex husband. I look at it like i was dull, conserved and boring and now my life is more vibrant and colorful and happy. I know your always there when i need to talk and i appreciate that alot hun and same goes for you.