Monday, April 23, 2012

SendABall Review

I received a ball from SendABall to review. I got this relatively fast and I thought this was something interesting that they do because its not some usual like flowers or candy so figured why not. Anyways I got this and it was bright yellow definitely something to make you smile and lighten your mood for the day I do love that. Although their are good things about this and sending someone with your own message and all their is also downfalls to this as well. Now on the ball it says for the mail person to put this in a safe place well guess my mailman didn't get the memo and sadly I doubt many others will care enough to read the ball to do so as well. The problem with this is your address is plastered right on the ball which you will see in my picture below. So if for some reason someone stole the ball they now have your first and last name and your address I don't like my address given out like that. Also another thing is that if you give this to a kid then if they play with friends or other kids in the neighborhood now you have opened up a chance of pedophiles getting your kids address not good. I do like their gesture and their idea behind it but maybe putting a label on the balls for address so you can take them off would be better. Even if you sent someone a ball and then they deflated it and threw it away the gesture was still there and their address will now not get out at all so I hope everyone takes my pluses and negatives to this ball from SendABall and hope the things I mentioned are changed some in the future.

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I received the ball shown above and no other payment for this. Facebook is not affiliated or has anything to do with this review. The above is my opinion of the product only and may not be agreed upon by everyone.

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Anonymous said...

You can order the ball to be shipped in a clear bag so the address isn't in the ball ..

ruby ragar said...

found you in a old blog hop please follow back.

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