Friday, February 17, 2012 Infinity Ultra LED Light Bulb Review

I received the Infinity LED™ Ultra Series LED Light Bulbs from to review. I got this pretty fast and have been looking to change everything over the lights that is in my house to energy saving bulbs because I hear they are so much better to have cause they save money yet are just as bright. I did have my doubts at first but this light bulb is so much different than your traditional coiled energy bulbs this is LED which in my opinion is actually brighter than regular and it doesn't take it a bit to light up its pretty instant. I love that it don't get super hot light a traditional light bulb does and lights up the room so bright yet at the same time to know your saving money is a complete relief. So why not invest in these instead of goin through your house constantly turning lights off to conserve energy when you can leave these on and still save in energy. I recommend anyone who hasn't tried a energy bulb like this with LED's in it to give this a shot. This company has them at a great price cause LED lights are usually really expensive so check them out whit these lights and other stuff that they carry as well. With the fast shipping and knowing your saving energy and money with these little bulbs what else could you ask fr so check out today no more waiting to save money.

Infinity LED™ Ultra Series LED Light Bulbs 40W or 60W - $15.75

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