Saturday, January 7, 2012

Everything's Moving Along

Well I guess I'm just too picky cause I have been lookin for a new background and stuff the last couple days and nothin to me compares to what I have on my page already so oh well for now I think I will stick with the whales. I'm workin hard to keep my dot com right now almost forgot about it and I will start posting again hoping to start today just tryin to get a few things together first. I have already started pitching companies as well so hopin to hear somethin soon. I updated my about me section if anyone wants to check it out I didn't realize I hadn't done it since 2010 wow I followed up on that lol. Hope everyones new year is goin good gettin better here and things are starting to be better than normal. Hoping to start movin towards V-Day stuff soon :) Anyways I wanted to share this very pretty song I have got into lately and the french version is just so pretty anyways I hope you enjoy it as much as me. When I start feeling a time crunch is when it would
be good to start using Article Writing Services.

 I am funded for the link found in this post and no other form of payment for this all is my 100% opinion or sayings though.

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