Monday, October 3, 2011

Christmas Cards In My House

Its getting that time of year again and Christmas is getting close. I've already started stocking up on things i will need like wrapping paper and tape and starting to get Christmas cards ready as well. I think one of the most personal things you can do at Christmas besides have a dinner with family and friends is to send someone a Christmas card letting them know your thinking of them. I take my Christmas cards every year and tape them to the back of my door so I can look at them in my living room all the time. I keep my Christmas cards I get from others every year I actually have a drawer full of several years where people have sent us Christmas cards. Now if I run out of space on the front door I tape them to the back door funny but so true that way I can still look at them through the holidays. I know Tiny Prints has some very nice ones I have my eyes open on their Christmas cards which you can find the right one too from their. Well back to getting more Christmas stuff together ya'll enjoy and hope you do check that site out too I love their stuff.

I'm compensated with Christmas Cards from Tiny Prints but it doesn't effect my opinion which this is 100% mine and may not be agreed upon by others.

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