Friday, September 23, 2011

Vacation Time Is Not Over

A friend of mine I saw the other day online on a social networking site was talking about a vacation soon for him and some family. I thought wow this is unusual I thought of Florida which is where they are going was only a summer destination, but it seems people visit there all year long thanks to all the things they have to offer. He was looking at staying at Lake Buena Vista Holiday Inn when I just had to be nosy and look it up and see what it looks like. Seems they are a very nice hotel with a huge swimming pool at that and great amenities. I know most Holiday Inns are pretty nice anyways and definitely one of the chains I do prefer as well to stay in when I travel. His family is planning to go to Disney World so this is only a mile away from the actual Disney World so you can't beat that at all. Great location is a must when your going to theme parks I have learned over the years, you don't want to take an hour or so just to get to the location from where you are staying sadly due to bad traffic. I had the luxury of staying in Orlando for several months on vacation before and they have alot to offer, the weather is nice most year long as well. The Disney World hotels that are located near the theme park as well have discounts and such for staying with them you get passes to places and you also get coupons and discounts. Orlando is definitely one of my favorite places to visit and can't wait to get a chance to visit again. Maybe next time I can take my whole family too that would be cool.

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