Friday, September 2, 2011

More Goodies Giveaway **NON Adult**


First of all this is ran by me will be shipped by me and although i know some of ya'll said ya'll would be open to this some said they wouldn't which is fine. I tried to give as many options as I could and really want everyone to join this. I'm sure if nothing else $1.00 isn't that big of a issue I mean come on paypal takes almost $1.00 if not more every time you purchase something online. Anyways getting back to the point I have a good size list of things so far and will be running this til November 18th giving people plenty of time to enter and plenty of me time to keep adding to it. Who knows along the way I may get stuff you just have to have. Some stuff I have is no longer carried anymore so that would be a shame if it was something you really wanted.

Granted there is a chance you could donate the money and not win but thats what people do in lotteries all the time, just got to take a chance. I normally don't do ones like this and not sure I will do any again after these two but I have all this stuff that I keep getting that I have won and got with gift certificates to get it in my house and never use and never open and it should be used by someone especially since its all new. Also I ask for an amount in pay donation due to I will be out pocketing shipping cost completely and I figure by November it will clearly cost me at least $20 if not more to ship and maybe more if overseas.

Not asking for money for several different reasons I guess the biggest reason is most of ya'll said you felt safer with gift certificates then I have no info on you at all just what name and email you put it under which is fine with me. Now this giveaway is way different nothing is set mandatory but we all know you need to make a donation so that bein said one of the payment options has to be done first or nothing else counts. I have to receive a notice with the email you put in the box that I have the gift certificate. As far as then you get 5 extra entries for following me then just leave a comment below and your done so only 2 actual entries into the giveaway.

Now granted if you see something you want later that comes up you can pay another fee thats left open that you did previously do just to get another so many entries. What I'm sayin is its unlimited entries in gift certificate donation up until you have donated every amount so you could easily get 190 entries altogether. Please keep coming back here every so often I will add things as we go along for more items to be gotten in this prize pack so remember what you see upfront is not all you can win thats just what i have right this second. I will also be adding things of all different sizes so if you can't use something and you win give it to someone else you know. I will stop yapping and show you the goods for so far....

Now to tell you what is in it... I sadly don't have the links to all these companies but I can tell you total price around about is $150 so far There is

4th of July streamer lights
Pretty Woman Perfume Size Medium I think Shirt
30Ml Size Perfume Pretty Woman Perfume
Big Candle Pretty Woman Perfume
3 Different On The Go Perfumes
Conditioner on The Go
Backyard BBQ Music
Dark Purple Fingernail Polish
Inflatable Cupcake Carrier More

Will be added keep checking back.

If for some reason the Rafflecopter doesn't load reload the page and make sure that your java is enabled. If you still have problems email me.


This giveaway is ran by me and will be shipped by me. No one is sponsoring this giveaway and I'm not compensated for running the giveaway except by donations to enter.

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