Thursday, August 4, 2011

Survey Results & My Thoughts

The survey I put up a couple days back has finally closed and although not alot of ya'll filled it out I thank the ones who did. I have seen paid raffle giveaways on other blogs before and I normally wouldn't do it but I think it would be a good christmas event this year. Not exactly sure when I'm gonna do it yet but I know some of ya'll said depending on the amount of the package if you would pay or not. Well I promise you it will be over a couple hundred dollars actually hoping to reach over $1,000 no promises yet just in the works. I wanted to do this but I was hoping people would be more willing to enter with some kind of payment since all of this including shipping would come out of my pocket.

From the survey some of ya'll wanted to know the outcome so I can tell you it was about half said they would if it was high enough and half said they would never pay. This being said I still might just do this and see how it turns out. I'm listening to ya'll though because seems how some want a mix of stuff, some want no adult and some want all adult i may do 2 prize packs one adult and one not granted the person could win both if they wanted to be entered for both. I see no one will pay more than $20 which is fine because it would probably be set in levels so if someone wanted alot more entries they could pay in increments if they wanted. As for it would probably be with amazon gift certificates they are easy to track by emails and I just think it would work better no one needing to put their credit card into any site but amazon which is a very trusted site plus their is no fees.

So if their is anything anyone else wants to add here or whatever please do so I really do hope this works out well. Like I said it would be towards a christmas thing that way the value is higher and would be all stuff for great presents for your family. Now when I have made up my mind I will take pics of all the stuff so everyone knows whats its worth.

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Smash Bravo Team said...

I guess in the end it would depend on what the prize is. If it is something that CAN be gifted to family it might be worth it, but adult items are not giftable even to close friends so that would be a no for a lot of people, I think.

Danyale N. said...

thanks for the input and yes I agree thats why if I did an adult box it would be clearly more than likely for the person who won only if they didn't want to spend the money on the stuff theirselves thats why I think two boxes would be so much better.