Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sum Things Up About Rafflecopter Problems

Ok everyone there is a few things I want to address with rafflecopter entries cause I have seen some of ya'll not enter right....

Ok first of all I will never ask you to comment in rafflecopter and in a comment everything goes into rafflecopter so any other comments on the post don't count...

2nd thing I have no way of know if you follow through rafflecopter my blog so I need your profile link. This is easy to get just go to your dashboard right click view profile and paste it in the box within rafflecopter for me.

3rd I know recently all my giveaways ended at 11:59pm and the other day threw me off pretty bad so now until they change where I can put my own time in all giveaways will end at 12:01am so if it says it ends the 5th that means you don't have til the end of the 5th it means you better finish entering on the 4th.

These are all I have been seeing wrong also I will go by whatever name you put as your name entry so please make sure its a real name maybe a first name or whatever don't throw me off with a name that is so far off from your real name this confuses me at the same time.

I'm sorry also that I haven't posted anything lately my health hasn't been the best in the world with my throat swelling up and all but going to try to get some more stuff up through the weekend.... If you have questions feel free to ask away.

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