Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sorry Everyone

I want to apologize for not putting anything up lately with me tryin to get well from bein so sick with my immune system tryin to bottom out from under me and tryin to get my book published in between I have been super busy. So here I am and my book will be published Weds. or Thurs. just in case you haven't been watching that blog. Sad news because I'm so jammed I won't be able to continue with gettin my Libby's blog off the ground so I will be taking that off as entries into my giveaways if you decide you want to unfollow that blog thats fine too. Sorry about that I had made it up before I decided to write a book and seriously I think at this point two blogs is enough for me hope everyone understands. Wow I just looked 85 followers over there wow never would have imagined I was striving for 100 before doing anything.. tell ya'll what thats alot of people so if you don't mind and you follow life of libby please stay following and let me get things straight with my book first then I will work on getting companies for that blog.

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